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Are you thinking of developing a port for android in the future?



Beta is out! Take look here ...

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Does anyone know the title song while MC on vacation and meet carolline and stop by the coffee shop?

my computer complained that the version 0.59 of the game contains Trojan:Win32/Ymacco.AAF6. Could you please check your build environment?

same for me

Please help mi to buy jet and hotels. 10 bcc. 2.joke box. jet or hotels. Ok or not? 

use BCC app. Read comments if you can't figure out

I read the comments but did not understand which one (pump or dump) to do first and which one(pump or dump) tomorrow? Because it can only be done once a day.

For money, it's a good idea to start to learn how to invest using the BCC app. It's a good life skill too! I have posted the following guide to my patron only channel as a method to make money. Once you understand it, you can play along with the rest of the big boys on wall street :)
I don't know how much money you have right now, but see if you can reset BCC to $10. This is through the bogdanoff favours in the online shop.
Then use the BCC app to buy $100 worth of BCC
The next day, pump the BCC price to plus 100 via bogdanoff favours
then sell your BCC via the app
you may change withdraw amounts via the ? screen in the bcc app


Please increase the withdrawal amount for the BCC.  Now that I'm a billionaire ($32B), $500K per withdrawal is getting me nowhere.  Took me about 5 min to get to $200M... didn't even make a dent. I calculated that for me to withdraw the entire amount in $500K increments, it will require over 65K clicks.

I of course know there's nothing I can do with the full amount (unless buying property and high end merchandise is a possibility for future versions), but it'd be fun to have it all in my wallet, sts.

Btw, this is a truly great game.  The hot parts are actually hot as hell, as hoped; and all the developing relationships are great and diverse in their texture, not to mention the multiple facets of the male character's personality and different treatments for different women. Tension is actually created in wondering how he's going to juggle all of it.  And the artwork and character development... brilliant. I don't think I'm supposed to lust so hard over fictitious women!

Thanks buddy! I always like to read your comments. Join the discord if you like or the patreon.

Please patreon password for belle in private pool?

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become a patron.

No password this link. You can password give me? 

While playing in the restaurant on the private roof, belle asks me for a password to continue playing on the roof.[tag]=password

Hey Dev, do you have a discord? I wanted to ask about the game's soundtrack cause it has some downright fantastic music choices

Its on the game menu

Please help me to buy jet and hotels? And Patreon password for belle in private pool. 

Hi developer, what software have you used as your development I mean how you made character and have posted sex moves on them animation,

Please help I want to create the game like you

Is there an Android version please ? *puppy eyes*

sry  no


You could only create the updated version of v0.58 for Android :(

This game will run on my old pc (i5 3gen without Graphics Card)

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Where's 0.58 for Android?

Android not supported


You could only create the updated version of v0.58 for Android :(

This game will run on my old pc (i5 3gen without Graphics Card)

And are the cg's during the h-scenes supposed to automatically transition or is that a bug?

Yeah there is a bug when i press the start button on the main menu


Android is broken. Won't work

how I can fix that

Press ignore should do the trick

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dante whats the name of the song when you open laptop.??plz  i am in love with this song

Song is called im with you by dj okawari and emily styler


Dante.. I know the game is a work in progress and I am enjoying it quite a bit so far. However, I have noticed a couple of issues, missing words in text and that kind of thing. Do you have a feedback location where we can send those to you as we find them?


My discord, thanks!


Hey dante i am neely playing Your depravity game But i am stucked on shopping for holiday .  How can i buy a private jet or something reply please


In the shop on pc

First thanks for reply .It shows i need $500,000dollars then insufficient balance transaction failed. How can i earn those moneys . I am reset the juke box and nothing happens mention the process if possible. I m stucked there .

Read the comments before and it's explained

yeah yeah man... Ty so much i am learned POWER OF BCC... A NICE HOLIDAY TRIP IS CARRY ON .. OMG IT IS LIT ACTUALLY 😉

Care to share the power of BCC. Need help.

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Hi Dante.  Amazing game.  Truly.  Excellent character development.  The Caroline storyline absolutely reels you in, but Kaira will always be best girl.  One question, does your game not allow the replay/review of the CGs/animations?  I'm at the end of the content, but I don't see a way to revisit it.  Thank you, and again amazing work.

Sorry, that was a terribly dumb question.  All accessible through the laptop in the bedroom.  Thank you.


Despite the fact that my previous comment was never addressed (about google play store stopping). I thought I would mention that version .57 doesn't seem to update anything. I played .56 and it ended right after the blowjob by Nicole after diner on the trip, yet when I downloaded .57 and loaded it up (with the previous save) it still ended at the same spot, and it was the new version because the dialogue said "this is as far as we have gotten with .57". Also, is there supposed to be not a single word of dialogue between the coffee shop with Kaira and the phone call at the restaurant?  

its coz you dont play with volume

Then the answer was yes, it is supposed to be like that. I do play with volume, just not really loud and there is almost constantly music in the game.  However, the point of my comment was about the update...

Check out the update log, Ive linked it in the description now

My android is 9 so why does this app not install in my device help me to fix this problem

Litle help?  (Android) 

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While loading <'Image' 'images/turn_on_sound.jpg'>:
Exception: Could not load image 'images/turn_on_sound.jpg': error('JPEG loading error',)

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "scripts/day1.rpyc", line 90, in script
  File "renpy/", line 1387, in execute
  File "renpy/", line 1592, in with_statement
  File "renpy/display/", line 2248, in do_with
  File "renpy/display/", line 2699, in interact
  File "renpy/display/", line 3191, in interact_core
  File "renpy/display/", line 2091, in draw_screen
  File "render.pyx", line 546, in renpy.display.render.render_screen
  File "render.pyx", line 247, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "renpy/display/", line 722, in render
  File "render.pyx", line 154, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "render.pyx", line 247, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "renpy/display/", line 180, in render
  File "render.pyx", line 154, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "render.pyx", line 247, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "renpy/display/", line 361, in render
  File "render.pyx", line 154, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "render.pyx", line 247, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "renpy/display/", line 722, in render
  File "render.pyx", line 154, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "render.pyx", line 247, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "renpy/display/", line 722, in render
  File "render.pyx", line 154, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "render.pyx", line 247, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "accelerator.pyx", line 110, in renpy.display.accelerator.transform_render
  File "render.pyx", line 247, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "renpy/display/", line 500, in render
  File "renpy/display/", line 306, in wrap_render
  File "render.pyx", line 154, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "render.pyx", line 247, in renpy.display.render.render
  File "renpy/display/", line 584, in render
  File "renpy/display/", line 266, in get
  File "renpy/display/", line 629, in load
  File "renpy/display/", line 162, in load_image
Exception: Could not load image 'images/turn_on_sound.jpg': error('JPEG loading error',)


Where are the audio files located, specifically the music? I'd like to replace the songs in the game with music that I like.

as soon as I heard that Hamilton song, I quit the game. My current solution is to mute the music and open my own music library.

What is the song you from the game really called? i loved it and want to find the song , or is it a original song?

I'm with you - dj okawari


This game really seems intresting but i have the same problem as Dhaval rathod. Can you please fix this issue

I have the samsung galaxy A50

please try on PC. I will discontinue android support in the future

Noooooooo I love this game please don't discontinue Android support!

I'll have a patreon only version of android to cut down on support requests from people. 

The few bad apples ruined it for everyone huh...

Your work is great. Please keep it up!

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Thanks, I will continue the game and Android build for patreon to respect the android patreon supporters. But my observations are that the Android build is more troublesome than the other builds, and despite a high number of android players, very few become supporters of my work, only a few percent of total support. At some point it's not worth publicizing an Android build. Maybe one day when the Android build becomes flawless.

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Hey man i just want to say thank you for making this game, the story and graphic are so good. I hope u continue camille part, i love her at first i see her design. Keep the good work mate.


Hey i am trying to play this game but it keeps stopping 

I also tried it in my honor 8x 4gb ram,honor play 6gb ram, honor 10 lite 6gb ram and also asus zenphon max pro m1 6gb ram

Please help me

Chinese/Xiaomi phones seem to have the issue a lot. I am unsure, sorry. Try downloading the other version to see if it works.

Thanks for the reply 

But don't worry i am now playing in my laptop, and what can i say really amazing game... Keep it up

Work on Camille content in next update

When starting there is a splash art about Belle Delphine, is this already in the game?

Yeah she is in the game, so probably should be a part of it

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Ok apparently you need a Patreon password for it. Does this mean only people subscribed to patreon get that part of the game?

edit: found it



what is it


be a patron

Still can't hide the dialogue box huh?

Excuse me Dante , it's about the btc app , i seem to have an issue I have deposited approx 1800$ and brought about 23.0899  btc , but when I sell it , it tells me it's not enough , also could you specify how much btc do I need to sell successfully 

When you press sell you sell all the BTC you have

that's the issue when I press the sell button it says "hmm - hmm not enough", I can't sell it please could you help

where does it say. Not possible  I never coded it

Hey Dante, So first of all, I would like to apologize for almost 20 hours of waiting. So I created a video about it, ( took me almost a day along with the Vimeo processing). The white dot hovering around the screen indicates the buttons being pressed, highlighting the values in the screen. And also about the " not enough" part, it's an audio message, it doesn't appear on the screen. Sorry again for not replying as fast as I usually do and also for not being able to record the sounds in the game. Nowadays phones just don't have that feature anymore. Please could you suggest a solution

The link to the video=

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Sorry for getting back to you so late. Ignore the audio. The audio is from a meme:

When you click the sell button, the BCC is converted into $, and you can put it into your bank by clicking withdraw.

Hey not sure why but the last two versions of your app have been crashing my Google play store. Even when the app is not running. Even before finishing install it begins and it doesn't stop until I uninstall the game. I hoped the new version would have fixed it but it didn't...

hi , I still cant install this apk , please help me

NEED HELP DANTE PLSS ASAP im using MIUI 11 qndroie version 8.1.0 can you plss resolved this

Try the ignore option

Deleted 1 year ago

shazam it

Hey Dante, sorry to bother you but could you please explain to me how the bcc app works ?

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So I'm not Dante, but I think I can help. I I'm gonna assume that the mechanics of the interface is not what's eluding you but how to make money on it is. 

The bcc app allows you to invest in bitcoin, obvs. Like any commodity, to make money you want to buy low and sell high. Put in some money and then use it to buy some, and the next day it'll be worth a little more or a little less. You might get lucky and have a few good days in a row and be able to sell for a few percentage points. You could play this like the RNG that it is, or... 

The MC has an inside track . Through the laptop, under the shopping menu, there is an entry called "Favours from Bogdanoff". Then there are three options inside: reset (sets to $10 per share), pump (add $100 to each share), and dump (reduce share price by 20%). Mostly you're gonna want the first 2. The 20% thing is a red herring. 

I found the most efficient thing was this. Save up a good amount of money by normal grindy means. You need at least 110 dollars to break even, but you'll see much bigger benefits quickly if you can hold out even just to 200. Then buy as much bcc as you can while reserving 100 bucks. Then spend those hundred bucks to tell Bogdanoff to pump it. Your bcc is now worth 11 times what you bought it for. 

Sell your shares and then wait till the next day. Tell Bogdanoff to reset and again buy as much as you can, reserving 100 bucks again. Next day, tell him to pump it and sell again. You can earn 1000% every two days doing this. You'll quickly find that money is not an issue anymore. 

Assuming you start with 200 bucks, you'll have about 1100 the next day. Feed everything back in (100 to reset, buy 900, 100 to pump) and you have 9900. Whenever you need money just take it out and keep investing the rest; after the first couple of cycles you're golden. 

Currently I have upto 1000 in cash and when I buy it i get about 1.5784 in bcc but when I try to sell it it tells (hmmm not enough)

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Perhaps my assumption was wrong. Sorry about that, bud. 

On the bcc app screen you'll see 4 buttons (and a help (?) icon in the top right corner):

Withdraw & Deposit at top

Buy & Sell at bottom

Using the app is a 4 step process:

1. (Deposit): Load MC's currency into app. You'll see it raises your buying power in set increments. Click the (?) icon in the top right corner to change the increment. 

2. (Buy): Converts all deposited funds to BCC 

<This is where you'd get Bogdan off to pump it>

3. (Sell): Converts all BCC to funds (money sits in app) 

4. (Withdraw): Withdraws funds in the same increment as deposit. Again, click the (?) icon to change the increment. 

I don't know what's going wrong for you though I would suspect perhaps you did not sell before attempting to withdraw? 

Hopefully this helps, man. Sorry for misunderstanding your question earlier. 

it's alright 😊

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Really Sorry to bother you , but I came to the problem , I have deposited 1450  dollars and bought some around 1.4789 btc  but when I sell it it says  ( not enough) so that means I can't sell the btc , but then again how much btc should I have to sell successfully?  

Looks like Dante sorted you out. Sorry about that n_n;

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Hello Dante, What the motive of this game actually? I not really understand. Can you give me some clue to complete this game?

Hello dante, i've tried the 2 versions of android but still i can't install it? What's the problem?

make sure you have 10 gb of free space

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i have 20gb free space but can't install it, i've tried to use SAI

INSTALL_FAILED_INTERNAL_ERROR: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-110

How to fix it? 

somehow have to give it read and write permission


settings somewhere probably. not sure.

Still not working

This game causes google play crashes on the note 10 android version 10 build QP1A.190711.020.N975USQS3BTB6

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